Why Us?

Why Choose Kaze Eventz For Your Next Event?

With almost 17 years experience as an event planner in Singapore, with a good reputation in the industry, and thousands of satisfied clients who loved their experience with us, we are a clear choice for event planning! A multifaceted event planner; a corporate events planner in Singapore, a wedding event planner in Singapore, even dinner and dance organizers, there is nothing we are not prepared for. Formal or casual parties, weddings or private functions are each afforded our personalised services from large to small and events.

What sets Kaze Eventz apart from other event planning companies?

While being only one event planner in Singapore of many, what makes Kaze Eventz the best event planning company and event organizer Singapore has to offer? Here are some of the reasons why our clients love us, past and prospective:

  • One Stop Service: When we manage an event, we can handle everything, from the equipment, the entertainment, to being the venue liaison and much more. We have the resources, the connections and the motivation to provide everything needed to make every event a success. No one else will need to search for each individual service providers. Even for our dinner and dance Singapore clients, we can provide all services, including booking any requested outside entertainment!
  • Affordable Rates:  We understand that event management can be quite an expense. That is why we offer excellent services at competitive rates. Kaze Eventz makes it possible to have the event of your dreams without the bill of your nightmares. To maximize savings, we only charge you for the services you need.
  • Personal Touch: When we handle an event, the first step in planning is to sit down and listen to our customer’s dreams and expectations. We then use our experience, skills, connections and resources to create the event based on their dreams, instructions, needs and expectations.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Rely on us to create pleasing events from whatever inspiration our customers have to start with, even if the customer has nothing at all. We engage our creativity and innovation to provide suggestions and create unimaginable, life-long memories.
  • Proof of Success: Not many event planner Singapore companies are able to provide proof of success as we can. We have almost 17 years experience, and a reputation for being one of the preferred event companies in Singapore. We treat every event with the highest importance, and this makes us reliable and successful. Depend on us to be there throughout the entire process and ensure your event is a success. Visit our testimonials page to read why we are the best choice to be your dinner and dance organizer or wedding event planner in Singapore.

Our clients see Kaze Eventz for the best events, the best corporate events company Singapore, and as the most unique dinner and dance Singapore company. Our reputation is for events that turn out right, and this is why we are chosen every time.

Let’s talk about your event! We’d love to hear about your upcoming event, contribute to and make it the best event possible, and to show how great it is to have us working on your event.

Contact us by phone, email or simply filling out our inquiry form here

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